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Yoga Classes


A Hatha yoga class takes you though a series of poses and counter-poses addressing the whole body. Hatha breaks down into "Ha" & "tha" which represent the opposites of our world. We apply this principal in this class. 



Our Vinyasa-Flow class will keep you moving in and out through yoga poses. Flowing from pose to pose as gracefully as possible in a sequence that will challenge you. 


Yin Flow

Yin flow brings together fluid movements, stable poses and balancing breath work to give students a feeling of strength and calm. This class includes the practice of gentle pranayama (breath work) and slow vinyasa (movement) along with mindful standing and yin postures. Yin flow benefits our bodies by helping to heal joints, aid proper cardiac rhythm and circulation and reduce stress.


Yoga Boxing

Yoga Boxing class is a balanced blend of yoga, plyometrics and boxing!
Each class will begin with a fluid yoga warm-up along with dynamic body weight movements and light resistance training followed by boxing/mitt work instruction and ending with restorative yoga poses to maintain optimal joint and muscle health! This class will leave you feeling strong, energized and refreshed!

*Each student is required to bring their own boxing gloves (12-16oz) and hand wraps.
*This is a specialty class- only drop in rate and class packages accepted


This is our slowest moving class.  Each pose is held for 3-5 minutes to encourage the tissues of the body to open up and stretch deeply. This can be the most gentle class for some while it can be a nice challenge to those with a busy mind.


Gentle Yoga

Our Gentle yoga class is perfect for anyone that wants to ease in to a yoga practice. This class focus mainly on stretching and lengthening to keep mobility and range of motion. This class does not offer the same physical challenge of our Hatha or Vinyasa classes. 


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt will challenge you and get your blood pumping. You will build muscle, tone muscle, burn calories and have a good time with this upbeat class! We will flow, hold, and pulse throughout the class.


Adaptive/Chair Yoga

Working with injuries, chronic pains, aging bodies or just looking to explore the world of chair/prop yoga to deepen your yoga practice? This class is for you! All are welcome! If you are in a wheelchair or have a caretaker/support feel free to join us! *Caretakers are welcome to class free of charge.

*This is a specialty class- only drop in rates or class packages accepted

New Students

Create a Profile HERE and register for any class you'd like. You can only book your spot in a class after you have created your profile.

For your first class show up about 15 minutes early so that you can get checked in and situated. 

Bring a yoga mat or rent one.

Introductory offer

$29 for 3 weeks of unlimited yoga.

This is offered to new students of Grounded Wellness.

You can find all the class package and pricing information below.


If the door is locked please rest assured that 15 minutes before yoga class starts the door will be opened. We also ask that after class we clear out of the studio within 15 minutes so that our Valued Yoga Teachers can make it home to their families:)


  • Introductory Offer - $29

    • Unlimited access to regular yoga classes for 3 weeks.

  • Single Class - $15

    • one class pass, but come back:)

  • 10 Class package $125 (save $25)

    • Never expires!

  • 20 Class package $235 (save $35)

    • Never expires!

  • Monthly Unlimited $85 (Best Value)

    • Best Value if you come 2x week.

  • The above packages allow admittance to regularly scheduled classes. Events, Workshops, and Specialty classes must be purchased separately.

  • Specialty classes are the same price as regular classes but a separate item. Specialty classes are not covered by Monthly membership.