Gracious Words

I am so grateful for both Rick & Bridget and the assistance they have given me over the past year in helping me move towards my goal of optimal health and well-being! Rick’s nutritional consultation and continued help with foods and nutritional supplements has been life changing! With his direction and knowledge I have been able to enjoy a much healthier diet and a simple gentle exercise plan that has been very effective.

The Reiki and Breathwork sessions I have had with Bridget have helped me reach a deeper level of connection and being present in the moment as well as being grounded in my physical body. Her Akashic records reading was spot on and gave me insight that saved me over $16,000.00 in what would have been a very bad investment for me.
— J.C. Bloomingdale

I had the pleasure of taking one of Rick’s yoga classes in the very early stages of my yoga experience. He was assertive and confident and made me confident in myself! One of the moments I liked the most is when he took a moment during class and explained how to deepen and strengthen my triangle pose. It helped me so much! I have also had the amazing gift of practicing sound meditation with Rick. Amazing doesn’t begin to describe the experience. He explains some of the fundamentals of meditation and is so good at respecting each individuals journey into health!
— S.A. South Elgin

Bridget and Rick are true professionals! Highly skilled in both yoga and meditative practices that have opened up a world to me that I never knew existed. I’m very thankful for their commitment to their practice.
— K.D. Barrington

Bridget embodies yoga! Humble, strong and powerful all in one person! Every time I have had the honor of learning from Bridget I have relieved myself of ego and self-doubt. She truly allow each person to appreciate themselves in their own way and always reminds them to let go of attachment to the past and to be present in the now! Bridget is an incredibly caring and effective instructor and a truly wonderful human being
— S.A. South Elgin

Bridget has a quiet, gentle, sweet soul. She is passionate about what she does and cares about others. I have had the pleasure to watch her blossom into a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Breathwork Facilitator! Bridget has great energy and it just feels good to be around her!
— K.R. Sycamore

Rick and Bridget are both wonderful people to work with. I really enjoy their yoga classes and their calming energy. Rick is very knowledgeable and has given our family excellent health advice! Bridget’s Reiki sessions are amazing! I also experienced an Akashic records session which was impactful. I highly recommend Rick and Bridget for your health and wellness needs and always look forward to working with them.
— M.B. Bartlett

Bridget and Rick are the real deal! Gentle and loving, their work delivers results. Together they create tremendous energy for healing and growth and are a truly talented couple. I’ve done energy work before, but as effective as from them!
— D.R. Elgin

For years I struggled with feeling bloated and gross. No matter what I did nothing helped...until I worked with Rick and Bridget, They are a God send! Thanks to their vast Knowledge and patient kindness, I’ve never felt better! I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel healthier and generally happier!
— N.S. Gilberts