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Colon Hydrotherapy






Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I prepare for my first visit? 

A: Your initial session will start off with you filling out a personal history and medical forms, then the therapist will show you the colonic system and explain the procedure before starting your first session.  Come well hydrated.


Q:  What type of colon hydrotherapy system is used?

A: The Angel of Water CM-1 system offers a very simple, comfortable and hygienic means to irrigate the colon when medically indicated, such as before a radiological or endoscopic examination. It is a state-of-the-art, open-style colon hydrotherapy system ergonomically designed for comfort and is inviting to both fully mobile and mobile-impaired patients. The system’s tank holds 8 gallons of water. The tempered water is treated with both ultraviolet and carbon filtration and set to the colon’s internal body temperature for comfort.


 Q: What is the difference between an open and closed system? is one better? 

A: An open system such as the "Angel of Water CM-1" allows the participant to have complete control of when to release and/or retain. An open system allows for discrete urination and elimination throughout the session. Examples of open systems are toilets, urinals, bed pans, going behind a tree:).  The diameter of the Disposable 1 time use nozzle is about the size of a pinky finger of a small person.

Closed systems were originally designed for people that were not able to move from their bed. A closed system uses a massage type table to hold the participant who is typically on their side. The session is conducted with the practitioner controlling the flow throughout. Each release from the colon exits through a speculum tube that is inserted by the practitioner. The speculum tube is much larger than the pinky sized nozzle of the open system. Urination during the process is not possible. Urination during the process was not a concern for the designers of a closed system due to the participant typically being bedridden and catheterized.


Q:  Can you describe what a session is like?

A:  The colon hydrotherapist will greet you and accompany you to the colon hydrotherapy room. The colon hydrotherapist will leave the room while you remove your lower garments. You’ll then recline on the system and gently insert a single-use, well-lubricated, pencil-sized nozzle 1-2 inches into the rectum and drape a cover cloth sheet over the lower half of your body to maintain modesty and dignity.

When you are ready, you’ll press the call button to page the colon hydrotherapist, who will then come back into the room and start the session. Simply relax and listen to soothing music as the water flows into and out of the colon, evacuating its contents into the system’s basin. If you wish, you can watch the contents leave your body through a sealed viewing tube.

Once the session is complete, the colon hydrotherapist turns off the system and then leaves the room to allow you to drain and rinse in privacy. When you are through, you will meet the colon hydrotherapist outside of the room for a refreshment and a recap of the session.
A session typically lasts 45 minutes, but allow one hour for your appointment.


Q: Is it uncomfortable, or does it hurt at all?

A: NO! Most people actually enjoy the experience. 


Q: How often should I have a colonic (a colon hydrotherapy session)?

A: It depends on you, most people start off with a 3,6 or 12 pack and finish it within a relatively short time. After seeing how you respond to colon hydrotherapy we can determine how often you can have a session. Some people come in once a quarter (4 times a year) for maintenance and like that schedule, others come in monthly. Ultimately, its up to you. 


Q: Can I come in to see how it works before committing to a session?

A: Absolutely, you can schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see how it all works by filling out the form below.


First time clients must select "Initial session with consultation"when purchasing online.


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